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your journey starts here!

We know it’s not easy to Draw from our own imagination, and that's why we created an Program to level your Art & Craft to help you master the skills you need to succeed!



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DRawing Meditation

Drawing Meditation is a complete 'DRAWING PROGRAM' to improve your Art & Drawing in Fun, simple, yet systematic way. If you're a beginner who wants to learn art or maybe a professional artist, who wants to Develop their Art skills, this program is right for you.

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Learn Cartooning Part-I

Welcome to the wonderful world of cartooning!  This fun 90-Days class lays the foundation of what it is to be a cartoonist and how to enjoy drawing cartoons with the just help of Shapes & Forms! 

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Learn cartooning Part-II

Now here, you'll be introduced to developing your drawing techniques, deciding on art materials, and preparing your artistic understanding as a cartoonist to intermediate level....


Character design Part-I

Starting here with LEVEL 1, you'll learn the basics of character design. Assignments will be based on in-class demonstrations and examples. The foundation of creating characters starts here. You'll learn fun ways to create and invent new cartoon characters.

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Character design Part-II

With LEVEL 2, you'll build on the foundation from LEVEL 1.  The lessons and assignments in this 120-Days course will help you to create characters for own projects & stories.

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