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"We are going to expand our Selling Platform Globally to 1 Million Customers by the year 2025"

Himanshu Kuche
Founder & CEO, BeArtaholic

Why Sell On

Because you can showcase your products to millions of customers across the world - 24 hours a day. Sell on Artaholic Today. Start your selling journey with us and expand your business reach.

You’re Selling Options:

Choose as EASYSHIP or Artaholic Premier Seller will deliver orders to your customers:

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Easy Ship

You Store and Pack your products,

Artaholic delivers


Artaholic Premier

You Store and Pack your products,

Artaholic delivers accross the world


Your seller account already comes powdered with Artaholic EASY SHIP. All you need to do is keep your products packed & ready, and let us manage the logistics and Customer Service.

• How EASY SHIP works:


Customers buy your Products

When customers orders from you on, you get a notification of the orders via email and SMS.


Sell Nationally

We showcase your products to millions of customers across the world.

Pick up orders from your Doorstep

You schedule the Pickup and keep the products packed, delivery associate picks up the package from your doorstep.

Artaholic delivers the Product

Artaholic delivers the package to the customers for you. If it is Cash on Delivery (COD) order, which is highly use by Indian buyers, still your funds are deposited in your bank account (after deducting the 2% commission fee) in every 10 days.

Become an PREMIER Member

Become an international seller with Artaholic Global Selling Program and sell to hundreds of millions of customers in Asia-Pacific, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, UAE and more.


Artaholic PREMIER

Your Exclusive Products become eligible for UNLIMITED delivery options with Artaholic PREMIER. Premium delivery options enhance Customer Shopping experience and, in turn, increase customer demand and loyalty.

• PREMIER Member Benefits:


Higher Possibility on Product Sale

We promote your Products to a Bigger Market globally, so, that you get customers across the world.


Cash On Delivery Payments

With Cash On Delivery (COD) orders, which is extensively used in India, your funds are safely deposited in your bank account every 10 days.


Artaholic Global Selling

We advertise your products to customers around the world and give your products global reach.


Pay As You Go

Exclusive's flexible rate structure means you only pay for the services you use - no additional fees, no minimum units and no start-up fees.


Focus On Your Business

We ship your inventory and take care of shipping to your customers, saving you time so that you can focus on your business.

And All EASY-SHIP features

Why Artaholic Premier?

Artaholic Premier will give you the access to sell your Products globally - our website have customers from India, USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and more. PREMIER is a service that helps you give access to our storage and good facilities, Fast & Free delivery options & trusted Customer Service. This Membership automatically makes your products Exclusive eligible too.

Choose the Pricing Plan,


On a 25% Commission Fee, learn more

Sell across the India

Artaholic Premier



Sell Internationally

Please read the terms and condition of the service, FAQs, Click here

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